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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A different kind of picnic

Hello! I'm still here. Just been living in a hole for a few days with a poorly three year old, a stir crazy two year old and a giant to-do list that's growing by the minute. We went to the hills of Segovia over the weekend with my partner's sister, two cousins and all our kids. It was fabulous: paddling in the stream, drinking fresh milk from the farmer down the road, eating free range eggs, feeding donkeys. Good old fashioned fun. Boy did it feel good to get out into nature and recharge a bit of om.
Still no pearls though... Wait, how about this one for tired mummies stuck at home with sick kids climbing the walls? Lower your standards, let your hair down and hang out on the floor a bit more. I did today. We had a lounge picnic. Super simple – blanket on living room floor, leftover chicken in sandwiches, slices of pear and apple. Preparation time: approx. 2 minutes. Fun factor: 10. At one point my eldest decided to lie down to eat his sandwiches. Of course his younger brother followed suit. What could I do but adopt this new sandwich-eating position as well? My three year old summed the whole thing up nicely: “This is a different kind of picnic. It’s a relaxation picnic.” :-)


  1. I love the relaxation picnic! Perhaps things would be slightly more Ommm around here if my 3 year old even knew the word "relaxation." Maybe we'll make that step 1: Ommm definitions.

  2. Hey Chicken Lady. You live in an Om idyll I can only dream of, with your feathered friends and daily fresh eggs. I just pay visits to Om-land from time to time. I do relaxation and yoga with my boys, to compensate for the un-om moments in our lives, which are sadly still way too frequent for my liking.

  3. I think Lisa's 3-yr old is way too similar with mine. =) I don't know where they get it???

    I love the indoor picnic! Next time, take a photo of the boys with their sandwiches =) I'd love to see their om-ness. OK, no pressure. Haha.

  4. Yeah OC Mom. I need to work out how to do jazzy stuff first, like er... upload photos. Hahaha.