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I'm just a calm mum wannabe, muddling on through from tantrum to tantrum, one big deep breath at a time. Ommmm....

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Horse manure

Um...  hello.  (Small voice drifting up from a hole a long way underground). I'm not joking. I really am stuck here. What have I done? I shared my dirty secret. I exposed myself as a big giant wannabe and now I have no chuffing clue what to write about.

Dali's nightmares have nothing on this. The top of my head opens like a hinged box. A huge pile of horse manure spews out. Horrified, I try to grasp at my bits of manure, but they slip away through my fingers, floating off into the blogosphere. Anyone know the number of a good psychologist?

Why would a normally private person do this to herself? Create a blog, call it a mum blog, rant about a few things, mostly off-topic, and then post a link to your nearly 200 friends on Facebook. Nice one, Om in Mom. Pure genius.

Forget it folks. I must have momentarily lost my marbles. How about we just switch off our iPhones, laptops and all other electronic devices and do something a little less futile? Hey I know. Go to the freezer. Pull out a bag of frozen peas. Count them. All of them. Do it three times. And then write a blog about it. Yeah.

OK, rant over. I only posted today because Dan Pearce of Single Dad Laughing said that to build a successful blog you should aim to post every day. (I'd insert a link to said blog if I knew how...) Well, nice idea Dan, but I think I'll be the one to decide the optimum frequency for my self-humiliation process. Thank you.

So that's all for today. (Om in Mom taking a bow and retreating hastily backstage). Doubt I'll be back tomorrow. Got a plane to catch, and an impressive amount of hand luggage to pack.


  1. That's funny. I have been reading Dan's blogging advice too. And yet, I am in the same quandary as you are in...You've written more than me so far! Keep at it, girl! Si se puede! ;)

  2. Hey, it may seem like horse manure to you but to me, it's way better than a lot of crap out on the net (oops, are your kids reading this?). You can do it Ommy Mommy =)

  3. Profe Kit Kat: not like you to be shy! I love the spontaneity of your posts. Just do it girl. Sit down for half an hour and write. Any old shite will do. Literally, in my case.

    OC Mom, thanks for the vote of confidence. I love that you are cheering me on to find that pearl! I will find a pearl. Dammit.

  4. It may have been manure, but it made me laugh out loud anyway!